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Friday, February 26, 2010

an aggregate band of competing privateers

There are a few real gems on this thread commenting on this post:

"America was a great idea, but you've spent nearly 40 years now killing it, and everybody knows it except maybe self-deluded morons..."

Priceless, that and the whole deconstruction before it.

"America is still a good idea. It just hasn't really been tried."

And finally regarding the dark side of the Force:

"In so far as rahm being gone, it will probably not happen except on his own terms. Why would he go anywhere else? He has more power now and more importance and more publicity than he ever had. He has replaced the dick as the real power in the WH."

I think the Cheney/ Emanuel comparison needs some scrutiny. Many people rant about the power of Israel and the Mossad in the government of the United States. I think this has it exactly backwards. I think Israel's policy is controlled by competing power cabals based in the United States. Some call it the CIA, but it's not that simple alas. Hence the term the Company: an aggregate band of competing privateers intent on grabbing as much power and booty as they can.

Cheney was forced out of power because his peers decided his power grab had the chance of destroying everything for everyone else. As long as Rahm keeps the river of money flowing to the right people, he is secure. He won't be forced from his unofficial position of power until his actions become unprofitable for those who would rule us.

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