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Sunday, February 07, 2010

It's worse than you think

Cryptogon on surveillance:

...URL retention is an absurd red herring when placed in the context of what is already known to be in place at the carrier level, and almost certainly much closer to endusers as well...

Lots of links, very well documented.

But I have to disagree about one major point. Control and the ability to round up the dissidents at a whim is just a juicy fringe benefit of this system. In fact, it's unlikely the designers ever want things to reach such an extreme. After all, it would be a real pain in the ass to do, some of the most productive and creative workers in the country are constantly doing things that would get them redlisted.

After all, if Hitler had incorporated the Jews into his dream of German global domination instead of scapegoating and cutting them out, Einstein and crew would have assuredly stayed where the money and fame and power was, Moscow and London would be radioactive ruins today, and you and I would be sprechen die Sprache des Vaterlandes right now.

No, look at how the various companies that make up the Company interact.

The first goal of all this is the money. So is the second, third, and fourth. Watching where you roast your toasties isn't anywhere near the top of the list. They have better ways of harnessing the dissidents.

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Logan said...

Einstein and crew would have assuredly stayed where the money and fame and power was...

Too true. Recently I left a science/engineering job fair in tears because all the big military contractors, some small ones, Goldman Sachs (?!), and Microsoft comprised the entirety of the recruiters.

It's not just, "I can pay half the working class to kill the other half"; it's also, "and I can pay the middle class to manage the operation and design more efficient means."