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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"No, we can't"

We can not prosecute Bu$h(ies) for war crimes.

We can not call the bank$ters to account for fraud on an international scale.

We can not ever, ever regulate bank$ters again. Every penney you put in a bank and every cent the government has can be used for the bank$ters' Casino Royale. But they get to keep any winnings.

We can not put a human on the moon, or on Mars, or in space.

A couple of years ago, my best friend Sean Langan was kidnapped by the Taliban while making a documentary for Channel 4 in Pakistan. During his three-month ordeal he was interrogated by his captors many times and he was often surprised by what they wanted him to confess to. One subject they kept returning to were the moon landings. They refused to believe that America had put men on the moon and, again and again, they tried to browbeat him into admitting that NASA’s programme of manned space flight had been an elaborate hoax.

Why did this matter to them? Sean’s theory is that the moon landings are clear evidence of the superiority of everything the Taliban are opposed to — of reason over revelation, of democracy over theocracy, of science over superstition. In its original conception, NASA’s Apollo Programme was supposed to be an advertisement for the superiority of America to the Soviet Union — a Cold War propaganda exercise — but in the eyes of these Islamist terrorists it also served to discredit America’s current enemies. Their response was to insist the moon landings hadn’t happened...

Which is fine by those who would own us. An ignorant post-industrial world is what they're aiming for anyway. They want just enough technology to keep their guns and your gold.

They want just enough to keep you a slave.

They want you to give it all to them, because there is no better slave than the person who feels they have no choice.

The first thing they do is convince you: no, you can't.


Aron Ranen said...

In 2000 I was paid by the State of Ohio to make a film attempting to prove Apollo 11 was real.

I was able to interview Buzz Aldrin, Gene Cernan, Karl Sendler, Guenter Wendt, Raplh Rene, ..look at moon rocks, send a giant laser to bounce off the reflector...

Posted the whole thing on YOUTUBE. The Documentary film premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

here is link

Please share on facebook...thanks

kelley b. said...

Whether or not we actually went in the first place is besides the point.

We need a strong program of space exploration now. We don't have it. What we do have is an aerospace industry basically living in the past.

Unfortunately this isn't the only technology sector like this. The biomedical field is becoming the same way. However, the stronger emphasis on peer review has kept it healthier.