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Monday, February 08, 2010

No One Could Have Predicted That

File this alongside with Kindasleezy Rice's statement about 9-11, or the inane statements that the meltdown of 2008 was an "act of god".

It takes a special kind of gullibility to believe some things...

WASHINGTON — If the Democratic Party has a stronghold on Wall Street, it is JPMorgan Chase.

Its chief executive, Jamie Dimon, is a friend of President Obama’s from Chicago, a frequent White House guest and a big Democratic donor. Its vice chairman, William M. Daley, a former Clinton administration cabinet official and Obama transition adviser, comes from Chicago’s Democratic dynasty.

But this year Chase’s political action committee is sending the Democrats a pointed message. While it has contributed to some individual Democrats and state organizations, it has rebuffed solicitations from the national Democratic House and Senate campaign committees. Instead, it gave $30,000 to their Republican counterparts...

The bank$ters stepped behind Obama and the DINOcrats for one reason only. The bank$ters were scared spitless of Cheney, and by extension Palin. Global thermonuclear apocalypse is not good for business.

On the other hand, global financial apocalypse is if the Right Sort of People end up with all the oil, gold, and guns. Just ask Poppy and Babs.

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healingsgreen.com said...

“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, Right Mr. President?
Just thought I would pass this along...with the momentary test of shutting New Zealand down to meaningful internet communication this week, I can foresee when this will not be allowed