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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Helping the Economy as Usual

Just not the American economy. Barry O. is revealed as the consumate bait-and-switch artist:

WASHINGTON — The United Steelworkers union has complained that a government-backed plan to build two nuclear reactors in Georgia will create jobs overseas that should go to American workers...

...in a letter sent to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the international president of the union, Leo W. Gerard, said that he was concerned about “the potential foreign sourcing of components for these reactors,” which he said “limits our nation’s ability to address our unacceptably high unemployment rate.”

In the letter, Mr. Gerard also expressed concern that if the parts were manufactured in China, substandard quality might pose a safety issue. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission oversees the safety of nuclear reactors.

The reactor project will create thousands of construction jobs at the site, near Augusta, Ga. And Mr. Obama said that building the reactors would create about 800 permanent jobs.

But according to Westinghouse, the company that designed the reactors’ central components — including the reactor vessel and part of the giant heat exchangers called steam generators — can be obtained only from steel mills in Japan and South Korea, which are certified for the work...

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