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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Might is Right

Chris Floyd is just missing the big picture:

...on Friday, February 19, 2010, the administration of President Barack Obama declared that not only will it not prosecute the avowed and boastful perpetrators and accomplices of the capital crime of torture, it will not impose even the mildest of administrative or professional reprimands upon them. For the foulest of tortures, reaching even to murder, the government of the United States will do nothing: no investigation, no prosecution, no penalty...

Conyers is not happy. He should avoid small airplanes.

This has great implications, of course.

...This isn't just a matter of "being on the wrong side of history." This is changing sides more than 60 years after the fact, on the great issue of what constituted good and evil in World War II. Sure, we expect the sociopathic neocons to come down on the side of the Nazis, and clueless fratboy Bush to sign on with his signature, "Whatever." But Obama was supposed to be elected to clean up that mess. To restore us to constitutional rule, at the very least. Instead, he has given his impremature to reversing the judgment at Nuremberg...

...This is an act of pure evil. It doesn't get any evilier than this. You may think the act of torture is as evil as it gets. But sending the message that those who set torture in motion were just a bit careless, nothing more--that opens the way for a future descent into the abyss, in which acts of torture become the norm...

No longer on the Outside, Morgoth awakes. He'll have some stiff competition as R'lyeh continues to rise.

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