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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Fourth Reich of Government

Big Time Dick has finally hit it. Last week he made prime time when he dissed the Congressional Oversight Committee and the National Archives in the same breath.

He can't move behind the scenes any more so easily from his secret undisclosed location, because face it, he's everwhere, and he can't hide it all.

Steve Clemmons points to the official litany of the Cheneyburton sins against the nation in The Washington Pravda.

So the DC cocktail weenie circuit is getting increasingly shrill. They've known for a long time the game isn't played by the rulebook. But whether it's Abu Gonzo trying to build and improve the Incredible Caging Machine or Big Time himself, the players increasingly can't hide their agenda and their lack of respect for outdated notions like the Constitution or the rule of Law.

Not that the cocktail weenie pundits care much for that rule of Law stuff either, laws being what the Man uses to keep the rabble in line, and of course not applicable to the Right Sort of People.

Look a how the insiders responded to Scooter Libby facing the slammer... but the $ystem, curiously, sent him there anyway. Hopefully to learn how to sing, but you never know. Abrams never did, and the Company repaid him quite nicely.

What makes the Party elite posture against the Endless War that's going to continue to enrich them no matter who's Codpiece in Chief? What bothers the Rethuglicans in Congress enough to buck the Company in its efforts to legalize corporate slavery? My bad, the Immigration Compromise hammered out between Bu$hCo and the DINOcrats.

Why, it's the realization of the Congresscritters in Bu$hie's own Party that they're all not Skull & Bones boys, that they don't all have a pappy like Poppy, and that if democracy is totally dead the way Shooter and the Company Board want, even in its forms, they're going to be stuck with their own little piece of the pie. They're going to be sent home and told to eat their cake just like the little people.

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