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Saturday, June 02, 2007

He'd better stay out of small airplanes

Via Think Progress :

One man stops a $475 million Iraq contract.

“A federal judge yesterday ordered the military to temporarily refrain from awarding the largest security contract in Iraq. The order followed an unusual series of events set off when a U.S. Army veteran filed a protest against the government practice of hiring what he calls mercenaries.”

The contract, worth about $475 million, calls for a private company to provide intelligence services to the U.S. Army and security for the Army Corps of Engineers on reconstruction work in Iraq. The case, which is being heard by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, puts on trial one of the most controversial and least understood aspects of the Iraq war: the outsourcing of military security to an estimated 20,000 armed contractors who operate with little oversight.

Brian X. Scott, a 53-year-old Colorado man, filed the complaint in early April. He argues that the military’s use of private security contractors is “against America’s core values” and violates an 1893 law that prohibits the government from hiring quasi-military forces.

IraqSlogger has more.

Good luck, Brian X. Scott. More on this from The Washington Pravda (thanks to Dr. R.J. Hillhouse)

Let me speculate and suggest when the next terror attack does arrive successfully on American soil, it will be funded if not staffed by our own money funneled through private contractors and leaked to Al Qaeda with "connections" to Iran. If Cheneyburton manages to overturn this stay, which it will.

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