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Saturday, June 30, 2007

All Terra All the Time

[thanks to maru for the pic]

Now does it strike anyone else as noteworthy that Britain gets fed up with Ian Blair and his Iraqi chimp-and-poodle routine, $elects a new Prime Minister in Gordon Brown, and the terra boys start getting all rowdy there again?

Like Larry Johnson sez, not particularly bright terra boys at that. But scary enuff for Faux, MSGOP, and CNN to show the same pics, oh, what at least 120 times an hour all day and night.

Boy howdy that sure got Dear Leader's ass kicking on the Immigration "issue-you-a-number-and-a-microchip" legistlation and Scooter's new digs off the air, didn't it?

Now I'd be the last to suggest the Company directly controls chumps like this.

What the Company does control is likely to be their bankroll, through more layers of proxies than even David Addington can keep track of. Need-to-know and plausible deniability and all that. When the Boss sez go, it's jihad-time.

Even if the trainees feel a curious need to bail out instead of immolate themselves for Allah, being insufficiently indoctrinated because they got the order to go now from Somebody with Authoriteh.

It slices with Occam's razor- because all these chumps managed to do is get themselves badly burned and arrested.

And likely a one way trip to a secret prison. Where they will spill exactly the best beans those in the know deem neccessary to keep the Endless War rockin' on a roll.

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