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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Dark Horse of the Shadow Government

NEW YORK Ira Stoll admits that his paper's pushing for Vice President Cheney to run for president several months ago was widely mocked. And he admits that a Washington Post pollster has pointed out that with a favorable rating of only 18%, Cheney is less popular than Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson -- after their trials. Yet he is standing by his man, and re-iterates today in the New York Sun that he hopes the Veep takes a look at the current GOP field and throws his hat in the ring.

Stoll, managing editor at the New York daily, uses a review of the new Stephen Hayes biography of Cheney to make this plea, claiming that the positive virtues revealed in the book proves his case.

"The book quotes Senator McCain as saying, 'Dick doesn't like campaigning.' Nothing in the Hayes book suggests that Mr. Cheney is about to do it — except for that the vice president spent nearly 30 hours cooperating with the author and apparently gave the okay for many of his friends and colleagues to grant similar access," Stoll observes. "The Richard Cheney described in this book isn't vain enough to do that simply for his reputation in history. My own guess — okay, hope — is that Mr. Cheney has taken a look at the Republican presidential field and sees an opening. If Iowa and New Hampshire Republicans start receiving copies of 'Cheney' in their mailboxes, Mr. Cheney's popularity may yet begin to climb..."

Much depends on whether Congress can summon enough courage to face the Constitutional crisis the Bu$hCo-Cheneyburton administration presents, with its open mocking of Congressional power, its endless war, and its embrace of the fourth branch of government.

Cheney will likely wait until the last possible moment to bother campaigning, reminiscent of his self-appointment as Vice-Presidential candidate at the last possible moment for Bu$h.

It really makes no difference if his approval ratings are down even to the single digits. He will merely growl there is no balance among traitors and claim that the polls are run by treasonous enablers of the enemy. He will walk in and simply be handed the Rethuglican nomination, because his competition will be broke- or broken.

He won't bother to campaign either, except in carefully selected venues and debates run by Faux News and his own secret police.

And on election day? Despite exit polls predicting a landslide victory of his opponent, Cheney will win handily.

Night will only grow deeper as his shadow falls upon us.

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