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Friday, July 13, 2007

Maybe it's part of the menu

Yesterday an old friend sent me this, which upon reflection may be related to Skeletor's Gut of Prophecy.

Apparently they obtained their license to by unlimited amounts of americium-241 and cesium-137 through a P.O. Box.

You know, all the Fourth Reich of government has to do to get a terrorist attack on American soil is simply stand down. If they do that, they don't really commit a crime they can be implicated in. No Special Ops or CIA-trained islamofascists are needed.

They let something like a small dirty bomb go off in an American city, and they get to implement everything they want. Kiss your Constitution good-bye. The Rethuglicans will follow lockstep with their Reptilican Party brethren. HHHillary will lead the way for the bipartisan DINOcrats.

Dear Leader will, of course, say I-told-you-so as he opens the work camps for the main course of the meal.

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