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Saturday, July 21, 2007

HHHillary Strikes Back. Or Complains to a Don of the ISG, Anyway.

WASHINGTON, July 20 — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton strongly criticized the Pentagon on Friday, calling it “offensive and totally inappropriate” for a Defense Department official to suggest that information she requested about departmental plans for withdrawing troops in Iraq would help enemy propaganda.

Joined by Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, in a conference call with reporters on Friday, Mrs. Clinton said they would introduce legislation to require the department to prepare reports and brief Congress on proposals for a phased withdrawal of American troops...

Late Friday afternoon, Mr. Gates issued a short statement, saying he would look into the issues raised by Mrs. Clinton and respond more fully next week. “I have long been a staunch advocate of Congressional oversight, first at the C.I.A. and now at the Defense Department,” he said. “I have said on several occasions in recent months that I believe that Congressional debate on Iraq has been constructive and appropriate...”

As long as said oversight is fully in line with what Poppy and the Consigliere want done anyway: withdraw from Iraqi civilian centers to the bases controlling the oil, fomenting anarchy along the way to destroy any popular resistance.

This is by no means what Cheneyburton wants to see. They would like for the ethnic strife to come to a furious boil, and use it all to expand their base of operations into Iran. But there is a whole spectrum of Company opinion on how to handle this: Evil, Really Evil, Sauron, and Dick Cheney.

Meanwhile, Dear Leader signs another Writ that gives Abu Gonzales the final say over the Geneva Conventions silliness:

Now doesn't government run much more smoothly now that Congress has been taken out of the loop and Commander Bunnypants can do things cuz he Sez So? One can only imagine what Cheneyburton will accomplish in his couple of hours at the helm of State...

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