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Friday, August 31, 2007

Ron Paul, Closet John Bircher, and Incentives to Success

Or so it would seem.

The whole thread is worth cruising through.

Jeff Wells doesn't like him much, either. And as free-wheeling as that post is, it's worth sifting through, too.

I particularly like the ""...oversold attribute of the Cheney-Bush years."

Quoting the Rolling Pravda's "Great Iraq Swindle":

It was an invasion of the federal budget, and no occupying force in history has ever been this efficient. George W. Bush's war in the Mesopotamian desert was an experiment of sorts, a crude first take at his vision of a fully privatized American government.... It's not so far-fetched to think that this is the way someone up there would like things run all over -- not just in Iraq but in Iowa, too....

What happened in Iraq went beyond inefficiency, beyond fraud even. This was about the business of government being corrupted by the profit motive to such an extraordinary degree that now we all have to wonder how we will ever be able to depend on the state to do its job in the future. If catastrophic failure is worth billions, where's the incentive to deliver success?

Good grief, haven't you figured it out? The Night of the Living Dead has been the greatest success the Company's ever had.

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