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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cheap Hit

WASHINGTON — Four days of intense negotiations between the White House and BP lawyers allowed President Obama to announce Wednesday that the oil giant would create a $20 billion fund to pay damage claims to thousands of fishermen and others along the Gulf Coast...

Sure, they will, I'm sure none of that money will end up where it doesn't belong.

The thought occurs that once the entire Gulf marine ecosystem is dead and all the colorful locals have moved onwards (one way or another) the Company will be able to do whatever they want there. Drill as much as they want. Whatever.

Certainly they seem to have set up BP for the hit. An arrogant corporate structure with stupid and greedy executives that has already been seriously short-sold by Goldman-Sachs. If the One is stupid enough to take the hit as well with his Bipartisan bumbling obvious corruption, so much the better for the Cheneyburton-Bu$h clan plans or anyone else the Old Ones smile upon.

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