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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

on the stove while they were burning the 1st amendment in the oven

...looks like the $upremes can't get enough of that funky stuff these days.

You don't want your soybeans making their own pesticides? Tough!

...A federal district judge in San Francisco had ruled in 2007 that the Agriculture Department had approved the genetically engineered alfalfa for commercial planting without adequately considering the possible environment impact, as required by federal law. The judge vacated approval, known as deregulation of the crop, and also imposed a nationwide ban on planting those seeds. The ban was later upheld on appeal.

But the Supreme Court, in a 7-to-1 decision, said the lower court judge had gone too far, ruling that the national ban prevented the Agriculture Department from considering a partial approval. That avenue, the court said, would have allowed some of the alfalfa to be grown under certain conditions; for example, isolating it from conventional alfalfa.

“The district court barred the agency from pursuing any deregulation — no matter how limited the geographic area in which planting of RRA would be allowed,” Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. wrote in the opinion, referring to Roundup Ready alfalfa...

Let's forget about the only thing Roundup kills anymore is your liver and/or bone marrow and non-recombinant crops the farmer next door might be trying to raise. It increasingly doesn't do a damn thing to the worst weeds anymore.

But hey, it's great for Monsanto's drive to replace all traditional crops worldwide with sterile recombinant crops whose seed can only be purchased from Monsanto.

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