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Friday, June 11, 2010

some oil for the blood funnel

The vampire squid turns up in the most interesting places.

Via Cryptogon, a word from the Trilateral Commission

Peter Sutherland is chairman of BP plc (1997 - current). He is also chairman of Goldman Sachs International (1995 - current). He was appointed chairman of the London School of Economics in 2008. He is currently UN special representative for migration and development. Before these appointments, he was the founding director-general of the World Trade Organisation...

You have to admit, that squamous acolyte of Cthulhu gets around. But the minions of the Old Ones, it turns out, have played their eldritch games with the people bringing oil to your shores, too.

The brokerage firm that's faced the most scrutiny from regulators in the past year over the shorting of mortgage related securities seems to have had good timing when it came to something else: the stock of British oil giant BP.

According to regulatory filings, RawStory.com has found that Goldman Sachs sold 4,680,822 shares of BP in the first quarter of 2010. Goldman's sales were the largest of any firm during that time. Goldman would have pocketed slightly more than $266 million if their holdings were sold at the average price of BP's stock during the quarter...

Failure makes money for the Faithful who are sure they will be eaten last.

Look for a franchise of R'lyeh to be opening soon near you.

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