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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Masters of the Obvious

So many inevitable and unsurprising things happened today.

*The $upremes continue to provide the best Justice money can buy.
...Jeffrey K. Skilling, the former chief executive of the Enron fraud, persuaded the Supreme Court that the concept of committing fraud through depriving an employer of “honest services” was not adequately defined in the law...

*As IOZ sez,
...I am glad to live in a world where the ongoing slaughter of civilians is a resume-builder but badmouthing the boss is a firing offense.

*Said bloody-handed butcher's seppuku accomplished exactly what it was supposed to: the man who "pacified" Iraq by withdrawing to bases around the oilfields, shutting down all main$tream reports out of there, and paying the Iraqi warlords whatever the hell they wanted to keep it quiet gets to do the same kind of thing in Afghanistan.
...“No one — be they adversaries or friends, or especially our troops — should misinterpret these personnel changes as a slackening of this government’s commitment to the mission in Afghanistan,” Mr. Gates said. “We remain committed to that mission and to the comprehensive civil-military strategy ordered by the president to achieve our goals there.”

*Yessir, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again alrighty;
Congress Fails to Pass an Extension of Jobless Aid

Why are these things inevitable and predictable? It's like Ian and Lambert said. They're obvious if chaos and collapse are not a bug, but a feature.

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