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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Very, Very Moderate Damage

[tip o'teh tinfoil to Charlie Riedel]

BP is actively blocking photographers from making pics like this whereever they can, but Hell, Louisiana has a lot of coastland. And it's all getting saturated with oil.

And besides, the spill is about to get lots bigger. Hello, Florida! Hello, Bermuda! Bringing oil to your shores!

If those relief wells don't work the way they hope- and let's get real, they haven't figured this yet but this ain't the Texas panhandle these cowboys are dipping their wicks in- the White Cliffs of Dover will be black by November for sure.

Of course, BP is in total denial the plumes are spreading. After all, oil doesn't behave like that in Texas, or Saudi Arabia, or Iraqiranistan.

But then, they never opened a tap with a splintered quarter mile long pipe underneath a mile of ocean on a trillion barrel reservoir at 40,000 lbs psi, in the Sultan's back yard, either.

Oh, and although Barry's talking tough, he's still granting new drilling permits in the Gulf.

Keep Hope alive!

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