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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meet the New Boss

Same as the old boss.

And why not? [tip o'teh tinfoil to vastleft]

...The actual apparatus of government isn't "polarized" at all. War and big business are shared endeavors. The expansion of the surveillance state, the destruction of privacy, the erosion of individual human autonomy, the destruction of the rights of the accused, the essentially superlegal status of police and military forces, and the project to create a population of placid, uninformed instruction-followers via a carefully designed program of national mediocrity are all joint endeavors.

But, well, uh, I mean, I guess there are still plenty of schmoes who can't figure out that the good cop and the bad cop are on the same fucking team.

Which brings me back to my favorite topic of disaster & shock therapy. Atrios, man, the Very Serious People know exactly what they're doing.

How do you destroy an environmental awareness among the electorate? Why, have their Environmental President chair the destruction of said environment.

The Feds insist on leaving it all to BP, who insist on ignoring the practice of good booming, who refuse the free, no charge offer of assistance from the Alabama National Guard in the cleanup, who ignore the State of Texas's practice of using massive microbial degradation to clean up big oil spills.

They spread a bug powder on the oil. It goes away in a few weeks. It's that simple. It's not being used.

Chaos is the plan. Almost certainly, Obama is owned by the biggest contractor for fuel the Pentagon has, explaining why the Endless War remains endless, the same way the Endless Leak won't be stopped.

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