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Monday, December 31, 2007

But it says so on the label

"Violence is down by 60%"

...The 899 deaths in 2007 surpassed the previously highest death toll in 2004, when 850 U.S. soldiers were killed. The total for 2007 could rise slightly; occasionally the military reports new casualties a few days after they occur. The military reported the non-combat related death of a soldier on Sunday...

The "violence is down" because when people are shot in the back, or the back of the head, or die in a medivac unit and not on the firefight field, they are not "combat-related" deaths anymore.

After all, your government wouldn't lie to you, would it?

The war isn't an issue in this $election anymore! Because the General says so.

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Logan said...

Everyone knows that a few thousand Harkonnen footmen are a small price to pay for control of the spice.

And besides, lighten up! it's holiday on Giedi Prime.