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Sunday, December 02, 2007

More and more DINOcrats Sign Up for the Culture of Cruelty

It's doubtless the fashionable thing to do, "but it's okay when we do it!"

Chris Floyd points out that it's not just HHHillary suggesting she'd like to enlisten Colin Powell. She has a significant part of her whole War Cabinet picked out.

Apparently the DINOcrats have enlisted one of the Pentagon's star torturers as a spokesman against L'il Boots.

That's the problem with the Imperial Zombie Virus. It really looks chic, until you realize who you're eating. Of course, if you let someone else eat your frontal lobes first, all those negative feelings just lurch away.

But it seems to have spread everywhere. Case in point: Senior Fellows of the Mighty Corrente Building now include liberal "ex-" cops [yes, more comedy] that think tasing isn't torture.

And get downright insulting when you present evidence otherwise.

And don't understand why people don't trust police more...

And want to know who you are, what you do, and what experiences you had that make you think they way you do.

It seems COINTELPRO is about to regain its zombie legs again, and the informants are making lists and taking names.

Still, the diversification of zombie memes into DINOcrat, Rethuglican, and Reptilican moieties has been anticipated.

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