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Monday, December 31, 2007

Conservative Discredit

We often hear from some Democrats (especially Hillary or Obama supporters) that it's counterproductively partisan to fight against conservatism, since conservative policies discredit themselves and antagonism only creates discord. We are told we must include the Republicans in our policies, because this is the only way to reconcile our differences. But you have to understand reconciliation is a two-way street.

What you have to understand is that conservatism is way beyond any logical concept like discredit.

In fact, conservatives don't give credit to their discredit.

They're busy spinning their own realities. It doesn't matter if they wreck the economy, because they will always take what they want. It doesn't matter if they melt the poles, because where ever the beachfront property is, they will own it.

They have the guns (and the tasers), and own the people that enjoy using them. On the likes of you, because you are naive enough to believe in things like rational compromise. Your right to exist is only based on your willingness to follow Authority and consume.

What on earth leads people to believe the millions of the Faithful on their Crusade to make the Word of God the Law of the land give a rat's ass about ideas of credit or discredit?

They want your soul, and if they can't own it, your life has no purpose in their eyes. Your freedom means nothing to them. Your rational thought is criminal terrorism.

Then there are their leaders, and their mouthpieces. Do you think the likes of Dick Cheney or David Addington or William bloody Kristol are going to reconcile themselves with progressive leadership? Do you remember how well Carter was able to govern with the entire CIA and D.o'D. undermining him? Do you remember the Iranian hostage crisis, that dissolved minutes after Ronald Reagan took the oath of office?

Conservatism "discredits" itself? Well, of course. Do you honestly think that makes any difference?

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