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Friday, December 21, 2007

More Dust from the Desert of the Real

via Bernhard ran some interesting numbers:

2008 Election Cycle:
Finance/Insurance/Real Estate:

Long-Term Contribution Trends
Donations to Democrats $79,749,633
Donations to Republicans $66,274,624

Top 20 Senators
1 Clinton, Hillary (D) $12,302,928
2 Obama, Barack (D) $9,834,870
3 Dodd, Christopher J (D) $5,212,168
4 McCain, John (R) $5,208,827
5 Biden, Joseph R Jr (D) $1,321,819

It also is interesting to add to Bernhard's search;

Finance/Insurance/Real Estate:
Top 20 Recipients

1 Clinton, Hillary (D) Pres $12,302,928

2 Giuliani, Rudolph W (R) Pres $10,609,778

3 Romney, Mitt (R) Pres $10,184,193

4 Obama, Barack (D) Pres $9,834,870

5 Dodd, Christopher J (D) Pres $5,212,168

6 McCain, John (R) Pres $5,208,827

7 Richardson, Bill (D) Pres $2,127,032

8 Edwards, John (D) Pres $2,046,230

9 Biden, Joseph R Jr (D) Pres $1,321,819

10 Thompson, Fred (R) Pres $1,198,735

So look at who the top five contributors are so far this cycle, and where the smart money's going:

Rank Organization Amount Dems Repubs

1 Goldman Sachs $2,132,771 73% 27%

2 Citigroup Inc $2,047,132 61% 39%

3 JP Morgan Chase & Co $1,526,394 68% 32%

4 Morgan Stanley $1,475,518 65% 35%

5 UBS AG $1,325,703 61% 39%

Look who's numbah one, and how the cash flow's falling. These are trivial sums to these companies, for their investment returns a thousand fold. Goldman Sachs intends to win, and seems to have little backing for the party of Bu$h.

One wonders if the money will shift direction if the Clintons lose control of their party.

Given their slimy tentaclesfirm support of the other so-called Democrats, one suspects it will not even if Hillary is not at the helm.

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