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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Persons of Note

What's all the domestic spying for? The no-fly list is rapidly approaching the size where it can't be used. Every brown-skinned person and more than a few European types arouse suspicion. The NSA now archives every damned thing: all that's on the web, all that's said on the phone. And not just for a few. Everybody.

Aside for being a bonanza-sized scam for all the DHS private contractor types, what's it good for?

It can be Googled.

Quoth the Dark Wraith:

If you have not read this article by Robert Parry at Consortium News, do so. It's relatively long, and you might already know every last little detail Mr. Parry mentions; but I'll bet most of you—as informed as you are compared to the average American—had no idea.

Mr. Parry takes awhile to get to what turns into slow-motion jaw-drop stuff, but once he gets down to it, the past 30 years of Democrat/Republican wrangling might make a little more sense.

By the time you're finished, you might hate Bill Clinton, but you have to remember to spread this bitterness around: a whole cabal of Democrats, including the now-idolized Al Gore, were involved and kept the disgusting status quo rolling right along clear into this 21st Century...

The article concerns the security-industrial state, of course, which really got running under Slick Willy, and has grown exponentially under Li'l Boots.

The main focus of the White House hasn't been keeping track of all the radicals their actions have created.

The main focus of the White House's eye on the American people, under DINOcrat or Rethuglican administration, has been keeping track of their political opposition. It's just that Bu$hCo's been so heavy handed and ruthless about it that's brought it to light. The black helicopter crowd under Clinton swore it was going on. It was. Li'l Boots, and his Sith Lord-run staff, either have been so clumsily stupid or intentionally abusive in their quest for control their surveillence efforts have been impossible to hide.

The principle difference between Slick Willy and Li'l Boots has been their approach. Slick Willy wanted the public fat and happy and sedate so he could have his way. Li'l Boots has always chosen chaos as his protocol of choice.

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