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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Yet Another Company Faction Forms

Cliff Schecter points to a meeting between Erik Prince, head of Blackwater, and GOP Congressional leaders including Rep. [Patrick] McHenry [R-N.C.] .

Apparently the record of the meeting was scrubbed soon after it was posted.

Although Blackwater has the itchiest trigger fingers in Iraq, it's important to remember the number of mercenaries in Iraq outnumbers the American troops. Nor can it be considered the top billing contractor in Iraq.

Cheneyburton's KBR tops that list.

But virtually every one of the companies providing guns and intelligence for hire has ties to the American government. In fact, they're all compettitors for Uncle Sugar's largesse. Every one of them has a financial stake in Empire.

They're the ones that run American intelligence. So if, for example, the CIA appears to be pulling the rug out from under their Dear Leader, it's not simply a turf war in D.C.

It's the Praetorian Guard having a dialog with Li'l Boots, having decided there's no way to turn profit from Iran.

And they're coming home to keep an eye on you, because there's lots more money in that.

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