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Sunday, December 30, 2007

When the rabbithole sets up shop in the bazaar

This gets curiouser and curiouser. A fractured skull, and multiple bulletwounds from different angles. A "lone gunman" who blew himself up... except the pics of the shooter and the suicide explosions- now 2 of them- appear to come from different locales. A shooter in front, a bomb from the back. And the original videos seem to be down from all the major news sites, through many different ones are being propagated through YouTube.

She alledgedly orchestrated the killing of her brother, had her own contacts among the Taliban, and managed to steal $1.5 billion. Although there is some evidence that is all a lot of disinformation too. As usual, Len Hart has a few interesting things to say about how the knives came out from all directions on her all at once and how the main$tream had been heavily censoring her statements recently. A martyr for DINOcracy, no doubt.

She's been a busy girl. Who knew? In fact, still, who knows? Information and disinformation fuse into mythos. We're just starting to get off, and it looks like a long trip ahead.

Use all your well learned strategies, or it'll lay your soul to waste.

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