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Monday, December 17, 2007

Hope is about as pointless as despair

Avedon wonders about the point of carrying on against overwhelming opposition.

There is a reason why the RAND group and the rest of the Company rate environmentalists, anti-corporatists and dissident elements as the worst terrorist threats the government faces, even though they've really done nothing compared to the religious fundamentalists.

It's because to the Company, we are the greatest threat to their subversion of the Constitution.

Just remember that when you despair. You are the greatest threat in the world to the mind of Dick Cheney. If that doesn't motivate you to action, nothing will.

Chris Dodd filibusters against telcom immunity and FISA today, and it looks like telcom Harry is poised to smack him down. Show Chris some love. Tell your Senator to help him. Tell telcom Harry to go Cheney himself, but politely. Big Brother is listening.

You don't have time for hopelessness.

Sometimes there's just no point in giving up.

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