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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Columbia if you can't get your Iran on

Columbia ratchets up its proxy tensions with Venezuela and Ecuador by claiming they're trying to give the FARC rebels the ingredients for a "dirty" bomb.

Venezuela knows a CIA proxy war when it sees it coming, and it and Ecuador start to fortify the border.

The claim?

... The accusation, made by Colombia’s vice president, Francisco Santos, at a United Nations disarmament meeting in Geneva, represents a sharp verbal escalation surrounding the three-country dispute involving Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. The quarrel began over the weekend when Colombian forces hunted down and killed a Colombian guerrilla leader on Ecuadorean soil.

Material found on a laptop computer recovered in that raid provided the basis for Mr. Santos’s accusations about a dirty bomb, a weapon that combines highly radioactive material with conventional explosives to disperse deadly dust that people would inhale.

“This shows that these terrorist groups, supported by the economic power provided by drug trafficking, constitute a grave threat not just to our country but to the entire Andean region and Latin America," Mr. Santos said in a statement that was posted in Spanish on the disarmament conference’s web site. The rebels were “negotiating to get radioactive material, the primary base for making dirty weapons of destruction and terrorism,” he said.

It was unclear from Mr. Santos’s statement whom the rebels were negotiating with...

So Columbia invades a neighbor, and finds plans on a laptop computer.

How... trite. Of course, every war gaming nerd worth his salt from Singapore to Johannesburg to Bogotá itself has plans for thermonuclear weapons on his laptop or archived somewhere. High school kids build fusion reactors. And plans for a nuke. Jeez, a dirty bomb. How do you make that, a few millicuries of hot cesium and a roman candle?

Hasn't the Company played that movie before?

I guess they figured no one in South America had seen it yet.

You would have thought the Company would try to frame the FARCs with something new. Maybe a T-virus bioweapon.

After all, they already have the zombies.

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