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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Feed-forward Process

Dear Leader may have muzzled the NOAA, but it seems the ESA still has satellites.

A chunk three times the size of Manhattan just fell off Antarctica, and another the size of Connecticut is ready to go.

The summer in Southern hemisphere just ended, but like the North, there's a couple of weeks before the deep freeze starts building ice again.

On the other hand, now that winter's over in Iraq, things are heating up again. The Mouthpiece of Sauron tells us this presents all sorts of opportunites. This is while Sauron himself assures us the continued War in Iraq is just as essential as pardoning Dick Nixon.

Which "everybody thinks" was a good idea.

I couldn't agree more.

Because, obviously, if anyone thinks any differently, they aren't Real Amerikans as far as the Right People are concerned.

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