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Friday, March 14, 2008

Deframing the Framers

Digby quotes from the guerilla leader of the Romulan insurgency:

I decided that the only way to have an impact on the charade of the "market place of ideas" was to go to the only people they really listen to, the ones who paid them. The advertisers.

This is the "real world" and it is the ultimate of rejecting their premise.

I reject the entire premise of their show. The fake participation, the stacked deck with loving callers. I reject their rhetorical tricks that are used on people who do get through occasionally who they destroy with their high school debating tricks and shouting. (Hannity especially)

People like Rush, Hannity, Grover Norquist, Bill O' Reilly and Coulter are the ones who create these kind of rhetorical games. They think up the frame. They then give them to their listeners who repeat them for their co-workers and family. My mom regularly uses the rhetorical tricks that Rush uses on the one person in the family who disagrees with her. But because this person doesn't want to attack my mom she thinks she has "won the conversation". Personally I hate having to have these conversations with people because I really don't like confrontation. Especially if my goal it really to persuade and change someone's mind rather than WIN the conversation...

What do I gain if I "win" a conversation on talk radio? Even if I had a segment where they didn't control my volume and my on button, if I "won" the argument the second I'm off the air they will mock me. They never modify their opinion with the correct information. See how often they bring back Zombie facts. As Monty nicely put it, it's NOT about an "honest inquiry or debate." It's about entertainment, stirring the pot or creating the media's standard "X vs. Y" controversy story.

When I went after the talk radio hosts I chose to change the venue, work on them from outside their frame and even from outside the venue they control. And it had an impact.

The financial impact on the station was big, but the bigger picture method was bigger. They listened to the money people because even if they say, "We had great ratings!" the money people say, "We don't care, we only like great ratings if they give us more money..."

Spocko grokked an essential point in fullness that we should all take to heart.

Namely, when you fight a vicious and overwhelming enemy, you never fight them on their terms.

You never even approach their battlefield.

You consider what they require to oppose you. You think about what they can not defend. That's where you hit them. Hard.

I wish there where more in the progressive blogsphere that would take this lesson to heart.

Don't play the Enemy's game. Ever.


spocko said...

And of course some really smart people (you) help reinforce the ideas, and methods that took a long time to develop. I appreciate your support and this follow up comment.

Sometimes it's hard to see what you are doing because you are too close.

Thanks for reminding me and us, what we do and how we do it.
Your fan,
P.S. I got a standing ovation at the conference. That praise needs to be passed on to you my friend for you unwavering support.

kelley b. said...

I heard.

You deserve it, because you have the courage of your convictions.

Thanks, my friend.