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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Blue Dog DINOcrats and Other UFOs.

Of course, they don't really exist. The Blue Dog Democrats, supporting the War on Terra. Because if they're supporting it, they aren't really Democrats, any more than UFOs are really unidentified.

Truthout has a piece today on how they've overrun- and faciliatated the buyout- of the Democratic party by "wealthy conservatives". No, I am not talking about Grays, either.

Like UFO, the term "Wealthy Democratic Conservative" is just a lot of misinformation. The new owners of the DINOcrats aren't simply conservative. They're Company.

It's like the $4.5 million Ron Paul came up with overnight that has the progressive blogsphere all abuzz. They sound like they really think that money came from "blue collar" supporters. It's more likely a big chunk of that change came from corporate benefactors, buying a piece of the long shot, an anti abortion zealot who might mollify the zealots as VP while Ghouliani cross dresses for success.

It's just bizness expenses, and when you're making a billion dollars a day on the War on Terra, a million bucks of insurance is nothing. Especially when you'll own said politicos for the rest of their bombastic lives. It's an investment that's bound to pay off better than the market these days.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw your commetns about Ron Paul and thought I should tell you about how he is the real deal.

Ron Paul has never voted to raise taxes, never voted to go to war, never voted to restrict civil liberties, never voted to 'regulate' (censor) the internet, won in a democrat district after the repug-licans gerrymandered his district, sends his congressional pay back to the treasury, and routinely speaks out against the debasement of our currency.

Do you honestly think he would be VP for any of those pro-war, open border, big government
'conservatives' which make up the Republican candidates?

The answer is no. His record is crystal clear

I gave Ron Paul $100, my roommate did to and my parents gave $300. The average donation was smaller, but there were 37,000 people donating in one day.

People, who are sick and tired of the government lying every day and stealing and spending all of the wealth of this great nation, are Ron Paul supporters.


kelley b. said...
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kelley b. said...

That's a lot of bullshit. Taxes get raised one way or another. You're not talking about elimnating the Federal Highway system or the D.o'D., or DHS strangely enough, are you? With Ron Paul you get things like elimination of any chance for health care for children or anyone else, or Social Security, or even research against cancer or any disease. Or money for education.

And war? Hell, you ain't seen nothin' yet Bubba. You put that John Bircher racist in charge of things and nukes will fly.

You get an isolationist who touts ignorance as the answer to all things. You get a rabid anti abortionist who would eliminate birth control.

I've seriously looked at Ron Paul. He's like a broken clock, right twice a day, and just as adamantly wrong.

People, who are sick and tired of the government lying every day and stealing and spending all of the wealth of this great nation need to find another solution than a Confederate who's just another Dominionist at heart.