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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Let Them Drink Bud

T. Rex asks what happens when the water's gone?

...We keep hearing about how the Georgia reservoirs have about eighty days of water left. The question nobody seems to be interested in answering (or even contemplating) is exactly what will happen to Atlanta and the surrounding area when those reservoirs actually run out, and everyone in North Georgia turns on their taps and nothing comes out...

...If the state and federal government are too muddle-headed to come up with a workable plan, that can only mean one thing; that when the excrement hits the rotational ventilation device, a whole bunch of people who are already rich will get even richer as gallons of fresh water skyrocket in price and things start to get nasty. Ask Naomi Klein. She’ll tell you what’s up. Republicans live for this shiz...

Fo' shizzle. Chaos is tha plizzay!

Make that some Republicans, the ones who own the show, T. Rex.

For them, chaos is the Word of the Lord.

This could be the key to breaking the blue state governments: if the South and the West go all Sahara, there is always the largest source of fresh water in North America, and the only climate where it still rains regularly.

You can bet the blue state governments will do their best to stop the feds from draining the Great Lakes.

You can bet the red feds will enjoy every opportunity to override blue states rights.

They'll consider it payback to the old Union for the Confederacy, as they squander the water in the desert of the real.

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