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Monday, November 19, 2007

Not What Faux Said

Or MSGOP either...


IAEA: Iran Has No Nuke Program

Heathlander at Eurotrib, Professor Farideh Farhi at Juan Cole's blog and Jim Herring at Col. Pat Lang's place explain the content of the recent IAEA report (pdf at http://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/files/IranIAEAreportNov15.pdf)
(for some reason Blogspot will not allow that link- interesting, no?) on Iran's nuclear energy program.

They conclude that the characterizing of that report in the 'western' mainstream media was severely distorting and did not reflect the central findings of the IAEA report.

These are:

* IAEA inspections and information requests are continuing and Iran is cooperating and answering to such as it is obliged to do.
* The inspections and investigations, done intrusively over years, have not unearthed any piece of evidence that the legitimate nuclear program Iran persues has any military aspect.
* Iran is within its full contractual international legal obligations in persuing civil Uranium enrichment. It does do so and the process is under full IAEA control.

Still the above authors and the IAEA miss to highlight one aspect I find important.

The Supreme Leader of Iran, the eminent legal and religious authority of the country, in 2005 released a binding ruling (Fatwa) that pursuing any nuclear weapon program would be against the law and religious doctrine of Iran. The president of Iran has recently again confirmed this position.

These are serious declarations by state leaders which can not be simply withdrawn within the system they are operating in. There would have to be revolutionary events to make these statements obsolete. Such events are unlikely.

Again, this is not what CNN- or, doubtless, the Cheneyburton Corporation would have you believe.

Nice to see the disinformation machine still wants to git its War On.

Damn the torpedoes and the $200 a barrel oil too, baby. What's good for Exxon is good for 'Merika, too.

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