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Saturday, November 24, 2007

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

Arrgghh. The stoopid, it burns!

On the op-ed page of The New York Pravda, the key sentence of idiocy:

...The problem with this neat separation into “non-overlapping magisteria,” as Stephen Jay Gould described science and religion, is that science has its own faith-based belief system. All science proceeds on the assumption that nature is ordered in a rational and intelligible way. You couldn’t be a scientist if you thought the universe was a meaningless jumble of odds and ends haphazardly juxtaposed...

No, you idiot, the whole system of thought we call modern science continually tests the universe. The universe doesn't change depending on what we think, and it really doesn't matter what we expect. It is what it is.

A rational and intelligible way. Good grief, has the writer ever examined quantum theory? There is nothing rational about a universe that requires string theory to explain it.

Whole branches of mathematics have had to be developed to explain chaos that occurs throughout nature. Of course, the writer never took enough science in college to realize that. No matter, his backdoor appeal to intelligent design pleases the corporate sponsors of The New York Pravda.

This is another case of

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