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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Working up to $election '08: Zombie Kandidates

After reading a bit about the latest Rethuglican candidate love festfeast- apparently even True Believers walked away from it saying they'd rather vote for John Edwards than any of the officious charlatans- I'll say this for the disaffected rank and file.

You aren't alone.

Jeff Wells manages to capture the hungry surreality of it all (yet again):

...There are a lot of monstrous metaphors available to describe America's descent from pulp fiction superhero to real world arch-villain, but perhaps the most apt is the zombie. There's the relentless and insatiable consumption of goods, fuel and lives which devours entire nations without thought or apology...

A vampire would be preferable. I could see trying to talk things out with one. Probably not successfully, but there's at least the vain hope. A zombie? First of all, it's already dead. And last, I'm only food. Do you explain yourself to your breakfast?

There's no coming back from Iraq. There's no homecoming for Captain America. And don't wait for a hero, because he's only going to eat you.

Another perspective may be found here, from the Rude One himself.

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