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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Unintentional Tell

Kindasleezy Rice on Pakistan:

...“we’ve been in close contact, as you might imagine, through our embassy, through our ambassador there, with all parties in Pakistan,” she was signaling that the United States was hedging its bets in Pakistan by reaching out to civilian institutions and nongovernmental organizations, administration officials said. “This is not a personal matter about President Musharraf,” Ms. Rice said. “This is about the Pakistani people. And the United States has been dedicated to helping the Pakistani people come to a more democratic path.”

Right, democracy. She keeps using that word. Somehow I do not think that word means what she says it means.

This is classic behavior from the same folks that have given us the Iraq debacle. Support a strongman, and his opposition. Likely we advised Musharraf to go all martial law, and at the same time told Bhutto to go back and chat with her supporters.

Kind of like Poppy's people telling Saddam it was okay for him to gas his Kurds, then to take what he wanted from Kuwait, and then breaking him for it.

It's a move right out of the Bu$hCo-Cheneyburton NeoCon playbook.

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