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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Foreclosure foresight

the farmer has a nice post on how the alarm bells were ringing even in the main$tream media about the subprime charlatans a couple of years ago, while Greenspan and the rest of Bu$hCo were cheerleading it on.

Then, of course, there's Krugman.

I particularly relish this description of the farmer's:

...This woodchuck in the White House isn't a statesman, or a leader, or even a President. He's nothing but a shallow shined up repo-man with a smirk and a sloppy spitter pitch. The entire G.W.Bush&Co operation is nothing more than a well fed puzzle palace inside a Potemkin Village being run by grifters for christ sake. Nothing more than a clan of inbred cheapjack fast talking backdoor preachers and quisling swine.

They need to be run out of town like the rapacious swindlers they are. Before they steal all the goddamned doorknobs and we won't even be able to get into our own house.

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