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Friday, November 16, 2007

Just Askin'

Whatcha gonna do if it doesn't rain?

Oh yes, Lou Dobbs sez the issue is illegal immigrants, so get all pissed about the Messicans.

No, no, no, the issue is Social Securty. No, no, no, the issue is the Wahr on Drugs. No, no, no, the issue is the Terra'ists.

And the TV weatherman sez don't pay attention to that global warming scaremongering.

But that water bit... it's a problem everywhere.

It's just some places are little further along than others...

And all those other issues, they reflect like facets off of the change, and the harder people sweat to keep things the way they've always been, the faster the world changes into something it's never been.

As long as the changes that need to be made are unthinkable, we'll be running to into change without the least bit of thought.

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