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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Undead Zombie Violence Meme v.2

[Cross posted here, but new and improving throughout the day today]

A few years back Benedictus noted and pulled together a number of posts from a number of people I respect on the increasing acceptibility of violence in society related to the mindless response to the War on Terror.

Except it wasn't just a trend.

It's more like a chain reaction. More like a viral program. More like a meme.

We jokingly referred to the War on Terror as the War on Terra, first because of the fake accent that idiot son-of-a-Bu$h wears.

But soon we found that indeed, we're fightin' the Terra'ists where ever they appear, and don't look now, but that's a scary reflection in the mirror.

We're so beyond lynching. We don't like the idea we, the height of Western Civilization, would do uncivilized things. So Tasers are safe, because it says so, right there on the label. Primarily.

Perhaps we all have conditioned responses, and we are indeed all being conditioned.

Perhaps this is another emergent property, a meme that's become a zeitgeist of eternal war.

Perhaps you can not agree with this, or will not, or find it irrelevant.

But for your consideration, perhaps your mind is not quite your own when you see the suffering of another human and no longer factor human suffering as something to be avoided in satisfaction of your own needs. Even if your needs involve protecting yourself.

Perhaps you are thinking, or not thinking, in a way that benefits some Other, some one who profits from the chaos they've released into the world.

Colonel America says "Bon appetite".

Consider this an indictment of the blind acceptance of violence beyond the needed.

It’s a suggestion that the need for violence is being conditioned into us beyond what is normal. We’re animals. Some violence happens, and sadly enough is normal in life.

I’m no pacifist, nor am I suggesting it’s prudent to be one.

Some of that conditioning is the Law of the Jungle.

Some of that conditioning is “Let’s you and him fight”.

Much of that conditioning makes a great deal of money for the men who would be our feudal lords.

Tasers, for example, are worse than firearms as are most of the new and improved “nonlethal” weapons, because they give rise to the lie you can inflict violence that really isn’t violence.

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